Best TuTu Helper Alternatives for iOS & Android

Best TuTu Helper Alternatives for iOS & Android
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Smartphones have become the in thing these days. We have been growing completely reliant on smartphones for all our tasks during the day in and day out. But, what is a smartphone without the apps on it? Any operating system allows access to its official app store, but most of the time we end up longing for more. That is precisely where we need an alternative app store. TuTu Helper or TuTu App as it was previously known as has been one of the most popular third party app stores on Android and iOS. The emergence of TuTu Helper has raised the bar for the alternative app stores and there has been a host of them. Which are the best TuTu Helper Alternatives? Let us go into our select list of TuTu Helper alternatives in the following paragraphs.


TuTu Helper – What it is?

TuTu Helper has been one of the popular third party app store. It features a host of apps, games and other content both for Android and iOS.

What makes TuTu Helper a great choice is the fact that it offers you a range of paid apps and games for free. Moreover, TuTu helper also has a few modded versions of the popular games. Pokemon Go is a prime example that catapulted TuTu helper to the status that it enjoys today.


Best TuTu Helper Alternatives

TuTu Helper can be your one stop solution for almost all requirements in apps and games no matter whether you are on Android or iOS. You may not find any issues with the app as there is a growing community that keeps helping each other in case of any issues. Even then, if you are looking for a few alternatives to TuTuApp and Helper, our list here below should be quite helpful for you.

1. vShare – Top TutuApp Alternative

vShare is unarguably the best alternative to TuTuApp in more ways than one. It shares the distinction of serving you the paid apps for free just the way TuTu Helper does.

The app repository of vShare is quite incredible. You also have access to a good interface that is much pleasing. The third party app store has been quite professional in its approach when it comes to supporting and collection of apps and games.

You will not need to jailbreak your iPhone or root your Android for the purpose. Thus, using vShare is devoid of any security issues.

2. SlideMe

If you do not find the apps and games you have been looking for on Google Play Store, you can definitely turn to SlideMe. Just like the two of the popular app stores we discussed above, SlideMe too offers you paid apps for free.

The user interface is comfortable enough. Even a novice should be able to use the app with ease. The organization of the apps and other aspects of the interface have been neatly laid down, thereby making it easier for you to find your apps and games quote easily.

The app store library is quite impressive enough.

3. 25PP

25PP is yet another third party app store that can be used as an alternative to TuTu Helper. It boasts of a wider range of choice when it comes to a good deal of popular apps and games.

The major concern with this app store is the user interface. No, we are not talking about the elements of the interface or its usability, but the entire app and the contents are available in Chinese. Since the app was developed in China and caters to the Chinese market, there is no way you can change it to English or any of your preferred language.

If you are comfortable enough to identify the apps and games through their icons ( or hopefully, you are aware of the Chinese Language), this can be your perfect pick for the best in class apps and games.

4. Aptoide

Aptoide has earned a name for itself over the years of its existence. One of the veterans in the area of app stores, it has been claimed to be the largest third party app store right now.

Though the claim may not be completely true, it does have a good deal of apps and games on it. And yes, as you might have guessed it right – the app store does offer you a host of paid apps and games for free.

One of the features that sets it apart from the most of the competitors in its genre would be the fact that the apps library is updated almost on a daily basis. Even when it is a free service, it does not keep annoying you with unwanted ads.

5. AppCake

AppCake is yet another alternative app store like TutuApp that has been a well knows entity in its genre since long. In fact, the store lets you create your own store within it.

You can add up anything on your app store and share it with other users. It lets you download paid apps for free, presumably that is the prime reason why it finds its place in our list. Another added advantage with the AppCake app store is its easy to use interface.

It is a perfect alternative to TuTu Helper because of its excellent features and usability.

The Concluding Thoughts

That does complete our select choices for the best TuTu Helper alternatives. We do not claim that this is an exhaustive list though. There are a few other equally capable apps that have been vying for the attention of the users.

Have used any of the apps that have been featured in here? If you have, we would welcome you to share your experiences with us. If you know any other alternatives worthy of attention, do share them as well.

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