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Alternative app stores are one of the most common happenings in the Android world. There are several reasons one would opt for an alternative app store on an Android smartphone. Maybe you do not have access to the official Google Play Store app, or not able to find your favorite app on the Play Store. Whatever be the reason, TuTu Helper has been a popular app. Let us delve a little deeper into the TuTuHelper app for Android and iOS.

TuTu Helper App – What is it?

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TuTu Helper is, as we stated above, an alternative app store. The app has been a name to reckon with since long. Widely known as TuTu App, before, they have now renamed themselves to TuTu Helper and offered their app stores for both Android and iOS.

TuTu Helper or TutuApp has been a one-stop solution for those who are looking to download paid applications and games for free on their smartphones. Originating from China, the app was initially available in Chinese language and was inaccessible to the international community.

It is well known for a modded version of popular paid games. In fact, they rose in popularity by being the first app store to come with a modded version of Pokemon Go. The app is famous for a few features that any other alternative app stores fail to provide. It can be installed both on non jailbroken and jailbroken iOS devices, while on Android platform, you can install it on your smartphone whether or not you are rooted.

TuTu Helper VIP App Features

TuTu Helper is a great app for all your needs. That in itself explains the popularity that it enjoys. It offers you some features that you would not be able to find in any other apps in the similar genre.

The features that make it an excellent choice can be summed up as here below –

  • It lets you set up your own App Store on iOS and Android devices.
  • You can have access to tons of iOS and Android apps and games on TuTu Helper app. And yes, what makes it the best option is all the apps available for free.
  • Installation of the TuTu Helper either on your Android device or an iPhone does not need any technical expertise. Just install it simply as you would install any other app.
  • It brings up all the popular apps and games under one huge umbrella. You can access any of the apps for free … and free for lifetime.
  • Lets you install any number of premium apps for free.
  • The app features some additional tools to improve the performance of your phone.

Some extra tools that come with the app include Cleaner and Toolbox. The cleaner can be used to clearing up the RAM, cleaning cache, deleting the junk files and other optimization options. The toolbox provides useful and in depth information about your device in addition to improving your battery performance.

TuTu Helper App Free

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One of the points that definitely goes in favor of the TuTuApp is its pricing. Yes, it is available for free. And that makes it a prime reason for its popularity.

A Free app that offers you premium apps and games for free. Isn’t that a dream come true for anyone? The app has been made available for almost all in demand platforms – whether you want it on your Android, iOS or even PC – the app is available on all of them.

It has been one of the popular alternative app stores since quite long. However, it lacked the international attention as it was only available in the Chinese language. Realising the need to go truly international, it has been made available in English as of now.

TuTu Helper Download

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Downloading TuTu Helper is not a tough task. Nor does it need you to have any special technical training.

Yes, if you have been installing third party apps on your Android or iOS, you should be able to install TuTu Helper app on your devices with ease. It involves just a few simple steps. Anyone with basic knowledge of smartphone usage should be able to complete the download and installation by following just a couple of simple steps.

TuTu Helper for Android

In fact, TuTuApp is one of the popular alternative app stores on Android for quite some time. To be frank enough, TuTuApp is a trending app for the Android freaks.

However, being an alternative app store – TuTu Helper is not available on Google Play Store. Even then, as most of us, Android users are aware, Android being an open source operating system makes it easy to install third party apps.

Let us now move ahead to install TuTu Helper app on your Android.

TuTu Helper APK Download

This app is the best means of getting paid and premium apps for Android for free. If you want to use the modded versions of the games or apps, it would be practical to opt for the reliable source. Most of the times, the so-called premium apps made free as available over the internet can cause you become victims of malware disguised as a legitimate app or game.

It relieves you of such tension. Here is how you can download and install TuTu Helper APK on your Android. But, before you proceed further, please check if your device meets the requirements.

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Basic Requirements for TuTu Helper on Android

  • Your Android Version should be 4.0 or higher.
  • Your device should have at least 1 GB of RAM.

If you are assured that your device is compatible with the above requirements, you can proceed to install TuTu Helper app on your phone. Follow the steps indicated here below –

  • Download the TuTu Helper APK from the official site. You can have access to TuTu Helper APK at this link
  • Download the version that would be most suitable for your device. We would suggest opting for the latest version for the stability and improved performance.
  • Once the APK is downloaded on your phone, you can tap on the APK file to begin installing it.
  • Once the installation is done, either tap on DONE or OPEN depending upon whether you want to access the app instantly or plan to do it later.

If you have not installed any third party app before on your Android device, you may need to set it up by following the guidelines here below –

  • Go to Settings app on your Android device.
  • Look for Security or Applications tab. If you are on an older device, you could find it under Applications. On the modern devices, the option would be available under Security tab.
  • Locate Unknown Sources option and toggle the button to enable the installation of apps from third-party sources.

TuTu Helper For iOS

Compared to Android, iOS is a closed operating system. That is probably what makes it a secure operating system ever observed. But, that leaves many Apple users wanting to have access to apps and games that are not available on iTunes. It lets you address this concern in an effective manner.

The best part with the TuTu app is it does not need you to have a jailbroken iPhone device. As you should be aware, jailbreaking is something Apple strictly discourages. It would also endanger your device by making it susceptible to malware and other kinds of attacks.

Download TuTu Helper for iOS

Downloading TuTu Helper for the iOS device may not be an easy task as compared to that on Android. That has more to do with the fact that Apple is a secure operating system.

You need not jailbreak your device for installing TuTu helper app on your phone. Follow these instructions to download and install TuTuApp  on your iOS device –

  • Launch Safari browser on your iPhone. Do note that the app may not function properly if you try installing from other browsers.
  • Visit the official link to access the download file.
  • Tap on the appropriate link to download the file. The button should read Install or Install Now.
  • Once the installation is completed, you would get the confirmatory message on your Safari browser.

That does it. You have successfully downloaded and installed the TUTU Helper app on your iPhone. But, wait – you may not be able to use the app as yet. You still need to trust the app before you can use it.

To trust the app, follow the steps here below –

  • Go to Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Now go to General Settings.
  • Access Device Management and look for Profiles.
  • You should now find all the apps that you have recently installed on your iPhone.
  • Locate TuTuApp among apps listed here.
  • Tap on TuTu app in this list.
  • You should get a pop up asking you whether you want to trust the app or not.
  • Tap on Trust.

Exit from settings app. Restart your iPhone. Once the phone is rebooted, your TuTu   app will be up and going.

TuTu App iOS Version List

The App is supported on a wide range of iOS devices. It supports iOS 9 to 10. Here is a little info on each of these versions –

TuTu Helper for iOS 9

TuTu Helper has been released for iOS 10, but given the fact that most of us are still on iOS 9, TuTuApp has kept the older versions on its servers. It is one of the popular versions available for iOS. You can be ensured of all the features of Cydia on TuTu Helper.

TuTu Helper for iOS 10.2.1

Apple has been releasing its updates in quick succession. That would make it a little uncomfortable to develop jailbreaks for each of them. Once you jailbreak a device, the new update comes up and you are back at it again. We recommend using TuTu Helper for a better experience.

TuTu Helper for iOS 10.3.2

For the jailbreak fans, no amount customizations are not sufficient. But, getting a jailbreak for the latest version is not much possible. TuTu Helper for iOS 10.3.2 is one of the options that give you the same kind of experience as you would expect from the jailbroken device.

TuTu Helper for iOS 10.3.1

TuTu Helper update to version 10.3.1 is the best means of getting the performance improvements for it to work on iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C. You can install any number of paid apps for free on your iOS device – thanks to TuTu Helper 10.3.1.

Is TuTuApp Safe?

That is a good question indeed. There have been reports that the app requests for stranger permissions. Users have reported that TuTu Helper app requests permissions for making calls, and send/read SMS. It can be a concern for privacy. Even then, we should hasten to add that there have been no untoward incidents reported so far.

Even then, if you are concerned with the privacy issues, you may need to rethink whether you want to install the app on your phone or not.

TuTuApp  in a Nutshell

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Well, you will definitely like the usability and functionality of the TuTu Helper both on Android and iOS platforms. In fact, apart from Android and iOS devices – TuTu Helper is also available for your PC. The app was initially available in the Chinese language, but realizing the need of the enthusiasts at large – the app has now been made available in English as well.